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I have worked in the financial services industry for over 20 years at a corporate IFA, Lloyds Reinsurer and an EBC. I have administered, consulted and ran a corporate client proposition so I am aware of the challenges faced by corporate advisors.

I know a dedicated Group Risk website doesn’t exist as I like many other corporate advisors had / have to rely on various spreadsheets, databases not designed for group risk, word documents, complex client folder structures, data encryption, secure emails etc.

So I decided to design, build (with my own money and with the help of a great team) and launch a dedicated, unique and independent group risk website which is designed specifically for corporate advisors to manage their group risk schemes.

Group Risk Connect helps capture the material information which insurers require to produce their most competitive terms first time. So not only are corporate advisors more likely to achieve a client saving and avoid unwanted competition, it also helps mitigate exposure from unidentified gaps in cover.

Perfect for existing and new corporate advisors wanting to support their existing policies and new business initiatives.

I hope corporate advisors appreciate the key features www.grconnect.co.uk/key-features who, in summary, have 4 separate reasons to use Group Risk Connect:-

  1. Obtain quotes,
  2. Obtain quotes and policy maintenance,
  3. Take advantage of the added value via the service partners free proposition and possible commission from additional services, and / or,
  4. Utilise the first portable online Group Life Master Trust.

Each can be accessed at the same time, in combination or separately but ultimately governed by the number of clients added to the website.

Please contact me should you have any queries.

Best regards,

Lee Watson

Lee Watson

About G R Connect

Group Risk Connect is a unique and totally independent website which enables advisors to request group risk quotations from the following insurers:-

  • AmTrust
  • Aviva
  • Friends Life
  • Generali
  • Omnilife
  • Risk Assurance Management Limited

The website produces a pdf of the quote request so that the advisor can simply forward to additional insurers who are yet to partner with Group Risk Connect. The insurers forward their quotations directly to the advisor.

The website also assists advisors with the administration of their policies by managing changes during the policy year e.g. benefit eligibility, medical underwriting, claims etc. So when the advisor prepares for the next rate review, they can simply select “re-quote”, double check that the detail is current, attach the updated employee data and send.

Key management reports are also available to the advisor.

Group Risk Connect has also established the first online portable Group Life Master Trust for all registered group life assurance schemes, irrespective of the insurer, with Pitmans Trustees Limited (PTL). Membership is voluntary and free but a charge of £950 plus VAT will be required in order for PTL to assist the employer process death claims impartially and professionally.

Additional complimentary services are also provided by our partners; ClearSky HR, Company Health Europe Ltd, energiseYou and Thomas. These services have a health and wellbeing theme and have been negotiated on the advisor’s behalf to help cement the client relationship, enhance the advisor’s proposition, differentiate when in competition and provide added client value. It is hoped that the client will appreciate the complimentary services and agree additional services which can then lead to commission to the advisor and additional consultancy.

These additional complimentary services are also available to the clients of any service provider (e.g. solicitors, accountants etc) and employers who register directly with Group Risk Connect.

Community License Option (using Group Risk Connect data storage)

To familiarise yourself with the website, registration is free for 28 days for all users, after which an invite will be issued to renew for the coming year. The annual charge will be applied depending on the number of clients you and your colleagues maintain/plan to maintain on the website (irrespective of the number of added users or quotes requested).

1 – 5     £150 plus vat

6 – 25   £250 plus vat

An additional £250 plus vat for every 25 clients thereafter e.g. 70 clients = £750 plus vat.

If you decide not to register after 28 days, access to the website will cease.

Customised License Option (using own data storage)

As this depends on a number of customised options, the annual charge is available upon request.


Group Risk Connect is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

If you have any queries or feedback, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@grconnect.co.uk.

Best regards,

Group Risk Connect

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